About Us

       Jack Truszkowski,  founded our construction  business 22 years ago. After working in the construction industry for 6 years, Jack spent some time planning and constructing his own first home. He was so enthralled with the process and end result that he decided to open his own handyman business. Since then Jack and his team provided their service to 1000+  residences of Tri-State Metro Area.
We provide outstanding residential & commercial   routine services.
We specialize in custom luxury bathrooms & kitchens. This is exactly where ordinary Tile Work stops and  Art Work begins... We can complete an entire project  by ourselves. We are  working with a Plumber & Electrician Lisences.
Our own J.T.Quality Tile & Marble Inc  staff is certified by OSHA safety  training.
Our Premium Precision Custom Services can meet any fussy  taste .
We are designed to perform for people with very high expectations and with  the right budget for the job.
We don't cut  corners!
There is no limit to a good quality work!
Any tile  work can always be performed  better , better  and better by somebody else...
Our attention to detail is truly unmatched by our competitors. We work closely with many  architects, designers and general contractors  to ensure best results.

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